February 2024 Giveaway Winner!

February 2024 Giveaway Winner!

Greetings Project Torque Supporters,

Our February giveaway grand prize was a Dodge SRT Challenger Demon! We are more than happy to introduce the winner, Luis Gomez from Los Angeles, California.

Luis is an inspiring individual, recovering from complications that arose due to COVID-19. Despite the hardships he has faced, Luis's unwavering positivity is nothing short of motivational. It's truly a pleasure to encounter someone like Luis, and it brings us immense joy that our giveaway is able to support him throughout his journey.

Delivering the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon right to his doorstep was a highlight for us, and we hope this gesture supports him as he continues on the road to recovery. At Project Torque, we stand by Luis during his recovery process and extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supports the brand. Your participation in our giveaways, along with sharing our videos, liking our posts, and spreading the word, helps make all of this possible.

Thank you, Luis, for being such a positive force, and thank you to all our supporters for making these moments possible. 

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