March 2024 Giveaway Winner!

March 2024 Giveaway Winner!

Greetings Project Torque Supporters,

As we rolled into 2024, Freddy was determined to make this year truly about you, the incredible supporters and fans of our brand. He wanted to ensure that every giveaway we offer is nothing short of spectacular.

For March, Freddy did something really special, from his personal collection he picked something extraordinary for the giveaway. He chose his own Shelby F150 SuperSnake, a rare gem with only a limited number produced. This truck isn't just about its looks; it boasts a 775 horsepower supercharged V8 engine, making it a perfect blend of beauty, exclusivity, and raw power.

It was bittersweet to see it leave our fleet but giving it away to one of our fans made it all worthwhile. We couldn't think of a better reason for its departure.

Meet Jorge Ariciaga from Idalou, TX, is the lucky winner of our March Giveaway. We had the thrill of delivering this beauty right to his doorstep, allowing us to share the joy of turning over the keys to a dream come true.

A massive thank you to everyone who participates in our giveaways and supports Project Torque. Whether you’re sharing our content, watching our videos, or spreading the word about what we're all about, you're an essential part of our community. We're always excited to take you along whether it's building trucks, doing burnouts at truck shows, or hanging out at car meets.

Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures with Project Torque. Remember, every giveaway could be your shot at something amazing!


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